Building a Super Light Bike for £2600!

The team builds Jimmy’s new bike from scratch in the most recent Cade Media film, and they walk us through each stage of the construction process. We’ll discuss the specifics of this outstanding build in this blog article.

The team chose an Elves Vanyar Rim Brake frame set in the medium size, which is actually a 48-49 centimeter frame. Jimmy’s smaller size should allow the frame to fit him perfectly. A five-year worldwide guarantee is provided for the frame.

They ordered the ELVES Carbon Bar and the ELVES Carbon Seatpost, and selected these components because they weigh roughly the same as identical bars that you might purchase separately from various brands at a much more affordable price. The stem is 90 millimeters long, and the bars are 38 centimeters wide.

For the wheels they chose the Elves Elite Wheels Drive 40V Superlight, which include carbon spokes and are utilized by certain elite race teams. According to the team, the hub on these wheels is also exceptionally good. They come with rim tape that prevents slippage and has an excellent grip on the bottom.

Overall, the ultra-lightweight bike that was constructed using parts from the internet is rather astounding. Jimmy was ecstatic with the finished bike.

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Building a Super Light Bike for £2600!

In the latest Cade Media video, we see the team building Jimmy’s new bike from scratch, and they take us through each step of the process. In this blog post, we’ll go over the details of this impressive build.

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